Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #77

You find me writing this on the train home. Devon is a very beautiful place and I'm admiring the view that I'm saying goodbye to for a couple of weeks. The sky is blue and filled with fluffy ice-cream-scoop clouds. I have seen lambs leaping around the fields and I am content. Ready to have a break at home and see everyone there in the knowledge that what I miss here will all still be there when I get back.

1. Books. I've been reading a lot more recently and just finished a brilliant book called The Nowhere Girls. Taking time to read takes you to another world. For a while time stands still and speeds up all in one motion. I spent Saturday night curled up in bed with a cat and my book and whiled away hours and before I knew it, it was midnight!

2. Dippy eggs. Sunday mornings should definitely start with dippy eggs in bed! This breakfast of soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers reminds me of what my Grandma used to make me when I stayed there as a child. It was such a relaxing start to my day washed down with a mug of hot chocolate.

3. Just that Contented Feeling. Where you find yourself smiling and take a big deep breath and say yes, this is where I want to be. Moments like this have hit me this week and it makes me super happy.

4. Mango Cider. I'm the first to reach for a fruity cider, but I'd never tried a mango flavour one. I'd usually go for berries, but this may be about to change. On Friday night I headed out for a drink with some friends to Ciderhouse in Plymouth. They have such a range of ciders in a warm inviting pub. We had a lovely evening and I'll definitely be back to sample some more flavours.

5. Dungarees and oversized tshirts. For my Spring outfit of choice I have the softest off white tshirts, marled with flecks of grey and comfortably oversized. They are tucked into last year's favourites, my denim fitted dungarees. On brave days I even roll the cuffs up a little. It's the comfiest outfit where I feel put together.

6. Watching the Sunset. The clocks changed and now we have lighter evenings which are making me so happy. On Sunday evening, E finished work at 7 and we raced to watch the sun set from Jennycliff. Watching how the colours in the sky change over just a few moments is mesmerising and I love how we can just spontaneously decide to do things like this.

7. Exploring. I don't know why it took me so long to discover Dartmoor, but I was missing out! Monday took us adventuring up Sheep's tor. The wind was brisk and whipping my hair around my face, but it didn't spoil the view from the top. We could see for miles!

8. Cafe with a view. Before I went home a friend and I went for a catch up. We've been working our way around the cafes of Plymouth. This week we settled on the Terrace which is set in the cliffs above Plymouth Sound. With views over the sea we braved the outside seating and March didn't disappoint. Still sat outside in the sunshine at gone 5pm!

And that's all for a jam packed, happy making week! I'm feeling really good this week and long may it continue. These amazing ladies are also rounding up their weeks:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarah, CatSamEl KerriMimmiMartina , Peta, Kelly and Emma. Find us on twitter and instagram with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Looking Forward to Easter

You find me typing this in the library with a massive pile of science books in front of me. I'm trying to get ahead. To make sure when I go home for Easter break I can do just that, have a break. I feel like I need it. This term has gone by in a flash, but it's been full on. Hopping from one assignment to the other, via performances and competitions, has got me exhausted and in need of some relaxation. So I spent the morning in bed eating dippy eggs and soldiers brought to me by my lovely girlfriend and intend to smash out the last little bit of work, before hop skipping back home.

There's so much I'm looking forward to about going home:

1. A Holiday. I definitely need this one. A few days away to recharge and relax, but also to explore a new place. Mum and I have booked a few nights on Hadrian's Wall and I intend to walk, take in the beautiful scenery and eat plenty of cake.

2. Seeing Friends. Living so far I really miss my friends, but there's also people I have made plans with this Easter who I haven't seen for ages. Coincidence has it that where I'm staying up north is just a stone's throw from where a good friend lives. It's been 6 months since I've seen her and we've both been there for each other so much through that time. It'll be lovely to just have a hug and share lunch with her. I will also be coaching with my former mentor and absolutely amazing guy this Easter and I can't wait.

3. Ben snuggles. For those of you that don't know, Ben is my Sprocker spaniel. He's loopy, but loves a cuddle. I'm not sure there's a lot better than the soft curly fur of a warm dog who's trying to lick you and jump in your lap.

4. Cake Dates. With my mum, with my grandma, with friends. My top socialising choice at home is to eat cake and I've managed to book in several already!

5. The promise of a cafe trail (like the old woman version of a pub crawl) for my birthday made me way too excited than it should have. I intend to sample much cake with my best girls and I can't wait. Having a birthday when I'm away means I get more celebrations when I get home too. Also they've promised me new books and who can refuse that?

6. A hug from my Mum. Because when you're so far away that's all you really want!

7. Training. This term I haven't really been on it with my training and without moving it really affects me. I feel more sluggish and not quite so motivated. So I'm really excited to be back home in time to train with my team at home. They are a lovely bunch of ladies and I'm so excited to get moving again.

8. Being in the Countryside. I love Plymouth, but it's a city and sometimes I just feel that I need space. I need empty fields to breath fresh air. Back home I look out of the window and see fields that go on for miles. I'm ready for walking out of the door and being able to walk and not see anyone for ages. To see sunsets like the one above with all their gorgeous colours not blocked by buildings.

There's only a few days until I board that train and I can't wait!

What are you looking forward to?
Kate xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #76

Good Morning and how are we diddly doing? It has been so so long since I've written on this little blog of mine. Life rushes by at the speed of light and I almost wish I had a pause button to catch my breath and take a little time to focus on the things I want to. Instead we power through each day and despite not documenting it here I'm still noticing all these lovely moments that enhance our lives. Without further faffing (which I'm awful for) let's get on with the things that have made this week a little bit more special.

1. A Bath. I can't tell you the last time I had a bath. I was gutted when I came back to uni and the landlord had taken out the bath we'd seen on viewing and replaced it with a shower. This week I'm housesitting and I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out they had a bath. Last night I settled into an extravagantly bubbly bath, lounged and then got into warm-from-the-radiator towels. Being greeted with a hot chocolate as I got out was the icing on the cake. Absolute bliss and the best nights sleep I've had for ages!

2. Tulips. I haven't really ever had any strong feelings about tulips, but these ones have blown me away. The purple is so deep and strong, and contrasted with the pure white and pale green stems is an winner. Anyway they lasted for nearly 2 weeks and perked up even when the went droopy because I forgot to put any more water in the vase (read: pint glass because I'm a student and really what student owns a vase). So Lidl flowers, it's a yes from me!

3. Smashing out my work. The get into the library before 9am, fuelled by buttery crumpets and smash out 500 words in an hour kind of hard work. The work that makes you feel accomplished and like it may not be a disaster after all. Thank god for those days.

4. Signs of Spring. I have been hunting hard this week in between snow showers for clues that Spring is actually on it's way. I mean we're in the middle of March and people are still getting snowed in. However, you don't have to look too far for sights of blossom, blue skies and the odd lamb. Bring on Summer I say.

5. Varsity Win. This week we went to support the men's first team as they triumphed against Marjons. It was a really good afternoon of us getting ready, playing cards and then celebrating their win.

6. The Greatest Sandwich. Absolute rocket fuel for hard days. Goats cheese, caramelised onion and rocket all toasted and warm. I savoured it!

7. Enchiladas. This is my current favourite dish and I think I've cooked it every week since I discovered it. I love how you can cook a whole dish and share with friends. I even did a veggie variation with quorn so everyone in the flat could eat it.

8. Phone Calls. Really, really long ones because I miss people on the other end and there's so much to catch up on, but they are hundreds of miles away. I can't wait to go home for Easter for hugs and catch ups. Plus I'm heading up north for a little holiday and to see my friend who I haven't seen for six months!

And there you go chums. That just about rounds up my week. I promise not to leave it so long next time, but these lovely ladies will promise you midweek goodness every week: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarah, CatSamEl KerriMimmiMartina , Peta, Kelly and Emma. Find us on twitter and instagram with #WonderfulWednesday

Kate xx