Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #79

Hello everyone and how are we diddly doing? I have to admit being hit for six by this heatwave. It's really knocked the energy out of me so I tackled it headlong in the only way I know how. By drinking gallons of water and booking myself a weekend away by the sea. I chose once again to stay in a youth hostel and it was the best decision. Very cheaply I was able to take myself away to Tintagel and explore another wonderful part of the South West. Now I'm back and this week seems to be flying by which is making me so happy as I just can't wait to travel home for my best friend's hen do this weekend. So much exciting stuff going on right now, so let's find out even more that's been making my week special.

1. Sunsets. I know I bang on about the beauty of sunsets all the time, but there's something pretty special about watching the light slowly fade from the day and the colours change. When you're doing this with uninterrupted views across the sea, with a bag of salty, vinegary chips whilst chatting about anything and everything it's pretty darn spectacular.

2. Friendships. On Sunday I met up with a close friend. It's funny because friendship can be so many things and closeness does not mean being physically close. She lives the other end of the country and to watch her play cricket made me so incredibly proud. I'm currently being her cheerleader as she goes abroad for some of the most important games of her career.

3. Meeting people. On a solo adventure I never factor in meeting sch amazing people. The beauty of the place is enough to set me on my way, but meeting incredible people is the icing on the cake. This instagram post explains exactly how I felt.

4. Mango cider. More specifically mango cider and fish and chorizo pizza eaten in the first wisps of breeze at the end of the day. All while catching up with a lovely friend. Then sitting and watching the sunset (can you see a theme?). We talked about anything and everything and it was the perfect night.

5. Fajitas. When you've had a long day and you can bash together a quick and scrumptious meal of fajitas in fifteen minutes flat. Perfect.

It's a short one this week, but I've had a really fabulous week. Some days you can't put into words the smile that creeps onto your face and the breath that comes deeply into my lungs. For people who express this much more eloquently than me head over to #wonderfulwednesday on twitter and instagram or give me a shout if you write a post.

Kate xx