Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #87

I saw this plant pot when I was wandering through the barbican this weekend and thought it pretty much summed up the essence of Wonderful Wednesday and my blog. This week I've really taken it on board and enjoyed the little things that I want to do and focused more fully on them. I'm really immersing myself into the life I want to lead and if that's not something to cheer about I don't know what is. As my workload gets heavier in the next few weeks I want to make sure I portion out time to continue this.

1. Making lists. My desk has become littered with lists of every description. Once one comes to it's end there's another few ready to take it's place. Although this sounds a bit much it is really helping me stay on top of everything, but also prioritise things that I want to do so I don't forget to leave myself time to do things. Also I don't know how anyone copes without a good post it note!

2. Being comfortable in my own company. I've spoken about my struggles with living on my own before here, but I'm growing. Although at the moment I don't live completely on my own for long periods of time I am the only one in the house and I'm really getting used to it. I know what I need to be content in my own company and the things that make me tick. I know how to be alone with myself. This is such an ongoing process, but it's getting better.

3. Storms. Does anyone else love a storm or are you like my friend who has to ring me when she drives through a storm just to have a voice with her to make her less scared? I love them. Whether inside snuggled and listening to the wind and the rain, watching the amazing force of nature that is lightening or outside feeling the wind and spray from the sea they are incredible.

4. Pulled Pork. On Friday night I cooked exactly what I fancied - amazing bbq pulled pork and sweet potato chips. Eaten whilst catching up with strictly and followed by brownies and chocolate mousse it was pretty perfect. Also I had leftover pulled pork and roast veg for the rest of the weekend.

5. Linking thoughts. When loads of ideas come together and you just get it and it all makes sense. That spider diagram suddenly connects all those ideas that have been flying around and all the information pinned to my bedroom wall becomes meaningful. Do you know, I'm really enjoying learning right now.

6. Those inspiring, motivational chats. The last point was brought about slightly by meeting someone who was so enthusiastic about their subject and interests, which fitted well with mine and we could talk about learning for ages. It did help she had the cutest dog that she brought for cuddles too.

7. Dancing by myself. Because sometimes you have to put your favourite song on loud and dance around your room until you're breathless without a care in the world. Feeling your body move with happiness.

8. Murals and walks. Saturday was a blustery, stormy day and just as the rain stopped I decided to go for a walk. I came across a beautiful mural on the streets of Plymouth (see my instagram). I never fail to be surprised by what I find as I walk around Plymouth. As every walk is different so is the sea every day. On Saturday it was ferocious and I was reminded of the incredible power of the waves.

9. Podcasts. After listening to podcasts for the first time a couple of weeks ago, this week I found one related to PE teaching. I was pottering around my room, but had to stop and quickly start taking notes because the content interested me so much. For all those interested The PE Umbrella is brilliant and such a good resource.

10. Dippy eggs on a Sunday morning. Because again I'm crafting my life and this includes waking up early and watching the first light enter my bedroom. Then pitter pattering down the stairs to boiled the perfect dippy eggs and buttery soldiers. Eaten whilst curled up in a blanket on the sofa. Then I sat just sipping my hot chocolate and listening to the rain. Sunday's aren't a rush and I can be in the moment. It set me up for such a productive morning of work.

11. Little parcels. My grandma sent me such a cute little parcel of wagon wheels and hot chocolate sachets. They are things that always remind me of her. The food she'd always try to give me as soon as I walk in her door so it was such a lovely package.

Wow so many little moments this week. I love writing this every week and reflecting. Tomorrow I have my first assessment of the year where I'll be leading teacher professional development. I'm really excited as we've chosen to do it on yoga and the benefits for children. It's something I'm really passionate about and hopefully we can get more people on board.

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Kate xx


  1. What a bumper list Kate! Your Grandma is so cute! Are waggon wheels as big as they used to be? Your dinner with Strictly sounds delightful and I adore that plant pot! Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta x

    1. I'm loving writing these lists recently! They definitely aren't. Lots of love for the rest of the week Peta x

  2. I'm a big fan of podcasts and love nothing more than slowly cooking a hearty, one-pot dish with a glass of wine in hand and a podcast on - my favourites are Richard Herring, My Dad Wrote a Porno and Adam Buxton - all light relief x

    1. This sounds all sorts of wonderful! I'm definitely going to check out your recommendations x

  3. I've been missing Wonderful Wednesday the last few weeks but this has brought be BACK! Wagon wheels and hot chocolate oh my! And I love the idea of 'dippy eggs' I've never heard them called that but I think I may just have a couple for lunch! Also, somewhere along the line I have neglected to make pulled pork - thanks for reminding me of it's lusciousness! H xx

    1. It's all sorts of lovely to hear from you. How the devil are you and the little one? I hope you enjoyed your eggs and pulled pork. Glad to be of service!
      Have a lovely weekend x