Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #88

I'm currently sat bathed in sunshine in a little nook in my attic room looking out to sea as I write this and I'm pretty content. This week has gone past without the most remarkable events happening, but little moments of wonderful. It's a week that's skipped past in a heartbeat, but when I look back there's so many moments I'd love to capture. So without further ado I'm going to jump straight into the lovely moments...

1. Tuesday. This week I have discovered Tuesday which is a personal styling email service from M&S. I've been thinking about changing up my wardrobe for a while as so often I look and have no idea what to wear. I feel like very few of the pieces I own actually reflect me. So often I pick black or dark clothes when actually colour feels more like me. This absolutely free service gives you suggested pieces, ideas for how to wear them and all comes from a real stylist. I can't wait to see what my first little email will contain.

2. Autumn spotting. Oh my goodness this has made every single one of my journal entries this week. I have to stop myself from taking photos of every beautiful crunchy leaf and adorned tree. I rush out of the house for every sight of golden light and hang out of the window to capture the sunset. This week I'm also appreciating waking up slowly as the sunrises and brightens my room. I always leave my curtains open so that I can see that first glow of pink when I'm all cosy in bed.

3. Bloggers Brunch. This weekend I headed to Bonne Sante to meet some lovely Plymouth bloggers. I'm now lucky enough to have met most of these people at various events and we spent a beautiful sunny couple of hours chatting and eating brunch.

4. Blue skies. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous recently and it makes me so happy. There's been hardly a cloud in the sky and we've been blessed with the most brilliant blue skies. Every colour from the softest, baby blue to vibrant, almost royal blues.

5. Theatre trips. I'm lucky enough to live so close to the Theatre Royal and can pop there for a spontaneous trip due to their amazing U26 £5 ticket offers. This week I felt very cultural seeing Macbeth. Some people were surprised to hear I'd been on my own, but honestly this has never bothered me. I chatted to a lovely couple who had moved down to Devon to follow their memories of childhood holidays to Dartmoor and the south Devon coast. I had a thoroughly lovely evening. It was definitely made better by a Green and Black's dark chocolate truffle bar which I picked up on way for my interval treat!

6. Promoting yoga. Last Wednesday we had an assignment to provide some training to another group of trainee teachers in any area of PE. We chose yoga and I enjoyed it immensely. It was amazing to see their change in attitudes through the session. It's something many hadn't considered they could do in schools, but could obviously see the benefits. I love doing yoga as my own practice and being able to share this was so fulfilling.

7. Brownies. Massive chunks of gooey praline brownies eaten outside in the sunshine on a break from the library. We just got to the Brownie Lady's stall in time before she sold out and it was the perfect time out from my studies. An hour to put the world to rights and have a friend to support me and laugh with.

8. Progress on my ankle. As you might remember from previous Wonderful Wednesday's in the summer, my ankle has been getting progressively worse to the point I was struggling to put weight on it. I'd been waiting to see a specialist for ages and so Friday was a relief. We've got some progress and a few things to try. I really hope it works!

9. 5 a day. As part of my focus on looking after myself I'm keen to get at least my 5 a day every day. This means exploring more ways to get veg into every meal. This week has been particularly about spinach added to absolutely everything and snacking on tomatoes.

10. A book to make me cry. When you wake up ridiculously early and can't sleep the only thing to do is read. As the sun slowly reached up into the sky, I was absorbed by The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna Van Praag. I'd definitely recommend and the ending moved me to tears. It was such a beautiful story.

So there's another week of the best bits. I love writing these posts so much and get so much joy from the other lovely ladies who take part. I feel tremendously lucky to have been drawn together with these incredible, inspiration women so please, please check out their blogs too: JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie. You can also find us on #wonderfulwednesday on instagram and twitter.

Kate xx


  1. Oh gosh I now feel like I NEED to go out and buy The Dress Shop Of Dreams!! I also really want to give the M&S stylist service a go!! It sounds absolutely brilliant Kate. I'm so happy you've been given some new things to try with your ankle, fingers crossed they work!
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx

    1. I grabbed it from the library last week and I'm very glad I did! Sending lots of love back to you! xx

  2. Thanks for the book tip - will add to my Goodreads list. My best bits this week include celebrating my nephew's 13th birthday with Turkish food - a halloumi saald wrap and a portion of stuffed vine leaves; a Blinders gig tonight and subsequent day off work tomorrow and then a long weekend which will hopefully feature dog walks, pumpkin carving and good food x

    1. Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely! Can't go wrong with dog walks and good food. Enjoy the rest of your week x