Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #89

Wow has the weather changed this week! Almost overnight it feels like the temperatures have plummeted and obviously this is the time you find out the heating in your house doesn't work. Typical! The clock change has also thrown me. Whilst it's lovely to have bright mornings, the fact that it's getting dark by five feels very odd. This week has been a really mix of emotions but feels like it's going along so quickly. I've been selected to play for the uni cricket team again which is very exciting, but also have been looking after myself as I've bee quite emotional too. That's why it's super important to pick out all the good things every week...

1. Watching the sunset. I feel like this is top of every single list, but we've really had some stunning ones this week. This week I chose to watch one from the Hoe. Having sat amongst the golden light watching the trees change and the spider's webs glisten, I walked closer to the sea as the sun was setting. The skateboarders were beautifully silhouetted and the sky was just beautiful. I stood watching until my hands were freezing. Check out my instagram for photos that tried to capture its beauty.

2. Dreaming. This week I've been thinking about the future a lot. Looking at different jobs I could go for and listing dreams. All over my walls are post it notes of goals and things I'd love to do. I spend hours discussing with friends and family. My goals aren't all career related because I have so many interests and it has made me so excited to think about what I can achieve.

3. Views. On Thursday I took myself out for an adventure up Mount Batten tower. Look out for a blog post where I explain all, but let me tell you the views over Plymouth were stunning and it was a beautiful sunny day for it. I enjoy going on solo adventures and even when I'm completely bogged down in work I feel so much more motivated if I've been outside doing something I enjoy.

4. Keeping cosy. As I mentioned before, the temperatures have felt so chilly and with the heating out too it's been my mission to keep warm. Therefore the warm pjs, fluffy socks and chunky cardis are out in force. I've been spending the last hours before bed snuggled with a good book or my journal and it's been just lovely.

5. People who genuinely want to help. Yesterday I had a meeting with my supervisor for my project. We chatted about a few queries I had and, as I had a pretty good handle on stuff, we were nearly ready to wrap up. Then she asked about how I was getting on with my ankle and really listened. She knows I'm in pain and offered some really helpful suggestions that the uni can help with. Then said I was to contact her anytime I needed to and we could go for cake (because cake makes everything better). Just that time she took to listen and extend that support meant so much. I'd been feeling emotional and the kindness nearly made me cry.

6. Cake just when it's needed. When you're having a painful, emotional day a slice of cake is truly needed. I had a nut brittle stack - chocolate brownie topped with caramel, chocolate and nuts. Eaten whilst watching Come Dine With Me because sometimes you need to listen to your body and know however hard you push it today isn't the best day for work and you can try again tomorrow.

7. Productivity. Even if that day wasn't very productive, overall this week I really have been. I've really found the links between things I've been working on. I'm finding things so interesting and my to do list keeps getting ticked off.

8. Sun rising in my room. There are two things I love about the window of my room. Firstly that the first thing I do every day is go and look at the sea. See how every day it is different in the changing weather. Secondly I love the way the sun rises and baths my room in its golden light. I can lie in bed, slowly waking up as I'm stroked by sunbeams and watch the sky change colour.

9. Hot chocolate. The warming fuel of autumn and winter. Perfect for chilly study sessions, the cold walk to uni in the mornings and getting cosy just before bed.

There we have it, another week full of the good stuff. I enjoy writing these so much! For more of the good stuff check out  JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie or catch us on #wonderfulwednesday on instagram and twitter.

Kate xx


  1. Another cracking list - I'm ALL for solo adventures. There's something so peaceful about being on your own with nature isn't there? Have a lovely week :) xx

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that your heating isn't working, I do hope it'll be fixed soon but I'm also all for snuggling up earlier in bed with a good book so don't let it stop you doing that, even when it is fixed! Heaps of congratulations on being selected for the uni team again and I'm so pleased to read that you have such a supportive supervisor. You're doing so well, Kate, the world is your oyster! xx

    1. Cat, this is the loveliest of comments! I'm the luckiest to be part of such a supportive group of women. Thank you!! xx