Thursday, 6 December 2018

Wonderful Wednesday #91

Let's take a moment for this gorgeous light! Slow moments and very productive days have been in order this week. I'm getting in the mood of the season and appreciating those little moments that make the week so much better.

1. Mulled spiced apple. A wonderful afternoon spent drinking a huge mug of warm juice in Waterstones. This week I've been experimenting with different places to work and this was one of the best. An atmosphere of learning with a soundtrack of instrumental jazz versions of Christmas songs.

2. Carols. There's something incredibly powerful about a whole room of people collecting their voices together in song. Where no one voice is worth more than the whole. You can feel in the same moment so small and part of something so much bigger. I also had my first mince pie of the season so all in a good night.

3. Kindness. This week I've really been thinking about kindness ever since my mum sent me two advent calenders. Every morning I open a door and find out what I've donated this morning. Then I flick over the next calender to reveal my kindness prompt for the day. It's really got me thinking about how I can give and share a bit more kindness in the world. Let's just make this world a little bit of a better place this Christmas.

4. Light. In the time of dark evenings I've been trying to notice the light. The colourful fairy lights that now adorn our kitchen, the twinkly lights draped around Christmas trees and streets decorated with light. Light was the subject of a talk I heard this week too. In the thoughts of Band Aid we should 'let in light and banish shade'. In the weirdest moment I was inspired by eighties popstars to bring a bit more light into everyone's life.

5. Sunrises. Despite the grey, drizzly days we've been having recently, yesterday treated us to an amazing sunrise. I took time to start the day slowly watching the sunrise from my bed. Finally the heating has been fixed so I was snug and enjoying the beautiful golden light.

6. Nights in. Brownies, Gavin and Stacey and painting my nails might possibly be the perfect way to spend a Friday evening. Having worked so productively and got lots of words done during the day it was good to take time to relax.

7. Independent businesses. I have managed to start my Christmas shopping this week. I'm trying to focus on buying from independent businesses this year. It's nice to get the ball rolling with some online purchases and lovely wanders around the Christmas markets. I'm looking forward to even more market trips in the next few weeks.

8. Feminism. Having been caught in the rain this week, I dodged the showers and ended up in House of Fraser. I stumbled across a wonderful exhibition of feminist posters. From the suffragette movement up to the present day they show the insectionality of the movement. There were also posters that had been made in the present day. Having put this in my instagram stories, it was wonderful to receive messages about similar events around the world. It just shows that these issues are still prevalent around the world and so important.

So all in a week taken slower to notice the little things. But also a massive theme is kindness and sharing a little more love with the world. So in that vein I leave you with love and best wishes for the rest of your week. For more wonderful please check out these lovely ladies; JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie or catch us on #wonderfulwednesday on instagram and twitter.

Kate xx

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