Saturday, 19 January 2019

In 2018 My Body Has...

In 2018 my body has...

been taped up and powered through the pain
carried me on so many adventures
climbed to the tops of cliffs
felt the warmth of the sun
walked over 20,000 steps in a day
Laughed so much my cheeks and belly hurt
been in so much pain it's been hard to walk
needed days asleep to recharge
wrapped itself around my loved ones in warm hugs
run along train platforms to greet my family
paddled in the sea and felt the cold water lapping around my ankles
made incredible shapes as I danced in front of an audience
cartwheeled across the room
learnt to dive forwards roll
stretched as the sun rose
clicked everytime I tried to move my back
stood at the top of so many hills while I was in awe of the view
Needed to take medication to keep pain at bay
competed at a national cricket competition
carried luggage on journeys around the country to visit friends and family
raced loved ones along beaches
taken time to breathe deeply
demonstrated skills to help teach others
jumped off the top of sand dunes in fancy frocks
slipped on seaweed whilst climbing over rocks
watched my best friend walk down the aisle
felt comfortable in a swimming costume
scrambled to the top of Dartmoor's tors
been battered and bruised by endless cricket balls and diving stops

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