Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Wonderful Wednesday #94

Welcome to Wednesday and how are you doing? After getting my assignments in last week I've been free as a bird and it's been so good. I've been feeling really inspired and have so many thoughts racing around my brain. I'm going to attribute this partly to be outside more, moving more, but also to stumbling upon lots people doing some really wonderful things.

1. Walking. For someone who struggled through my Duke of Edinburgh award with gritted teeth, I've surprised myself with how much I've been enjoying walking. I guess it really helps if the views are good and Devon has not disappointed this week. From dense woodland to cliff top walks and finding deserted coves, walking has taken to me some absolutely stunning places. I'm particularly enjoying the physicality of it too. Whilst I'm getting better with my ankle I'm keen to push and challenge my body.

2. The sea. If ever I feel a bit cooped up I go to the sea. After days of studying I needed to look out to sea and see its vastness. In the past week I've managed to get to the coast a grand total of four times and I am very happy about that fact!

3. The first spotting of snowdrops. Ok it's official, Spring is on it's way now! Driving along (to the beach of course) I spotted some on the verge and actually stopped my car to get a better look. This makes me very excited for warmer days and more Spring flowers.

4. Paddling. When at the beach, one must paddle. When it's winter you should probably wear your wellies. I remember doing this as a child all the time and after Christmas I finally brought my wellies to uni with me. However, one step into the sea left me with a soaked foot! Obviously my wellies aren't quite as watertight as they once were. Not quite the calm paddle I'd hoped for, but a deserted beach and a beautiful sunset definitely made up for it.

5. CPD in a pub. On Saturday, a couple of coursemates and I headed to a teaching CPD event. I was nervous and sceptical to start with. Firstly at meeting lots of educational people, but also whether it would be worth giving up my Saturday for. I needn't have worried because I can't remember having so much fun at a work based event! Between laughter, quizzes, learning and some tasty pasties it was a brilliant day.

6. Painfree training. I was a little worried about how my ankle would hold up to the first training session of the year. Having had less than a week to recover from its injection I thought I might need to take it easy. As it happened my ankle was absolutely fine, which meant I got to enjoy moving my body and improving again. For ages I've really had to be mindful of my movements and hold back a bit so it felt good to be back training properly ready for our first game next week.

7. Parallel parking. I hadn't really considered how awful I am at parallel parking until I got to Plymouth. Back home I never really have to try. There's not much road parking at all, so whilst I can ace a bay park (even if I say so myself) my parallel parking skills leave something to be desired. Therefore when I got my car in a space in one go this week I did a little happy dance.

8. Finding jeans that fit. Does anyone else find shopping for jeans a real pain? I can never find ones that fit properly, but this week I may have stumbled upon a brilliant pair. Really good quality fabric and a comfortable fit. Thanks M&S.

9. Bats, Balls and Bradford girls. If any of you haven't watched this yet it's a documentary on BBC3 about an all Muslim, female cricket team. The girls in it show the real power of sport and how it can break down barriers and empower. For all of them cricket became their lifeline and it just showed me how much the life I've chosen is worthy. How I can hopefully bring that to as many children as possible.

10. Eat, Sweat, Play. A must read! This book has really affected me in such a profound way and has got me thinking again about the power of sport, but how it is so important in our lives. As women we face barriers to sport and physical activity throughout our lives. It also reminded me of how incredible our body is. It puts up with so much and still physically supports us. I want to use mine to its absolute maximum, but also keep it strong and healthy for my life.

Physical challenges and inspirations have really got me fired up this week. I've got so many thoughts racing and ideas for writing. Is this something you'd be interested in reading about? For more wonderful, head over to  JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's blogs or catch us on #wonderfulwednesday on instagram and twitter.

Kate xx

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  1. I'm really missing the sea I feel like I haven't seen it for ages! Well done on the parallel parking lol I avoid it as much as possible! Have a wonderful week x