Sunday, 17 February 2019

This Week's Moments of Love

1. Getting tagged in cute dog videos when I'm feeling down.
2. My grandma sending my a bar of chocolate through the post because I missed out on a slice of her birthday cake.
3. My flatmates asking how my day was.
4. My friends
5. Putting myself to bed at 10pm because I get cranky when I don't have enough sleep
6. My mum telling my she's trying to wave her magic wand to help sort out my problems, but it doesn't seem to be working right now.
7. Friends calling up for a catch up and staying on the phone for hours.
8. Friends who nag you to go to the doctors because they care about you.
9. Taking myself to watch the sunset.
10. A friend who always has a bed with my name on it in her spare room if I need it.
11. Ridiculous valentine's day gifs.
12. Photos of friends on my desk that make me smile every time I think of the memories.
13. Promises of dinner being cooked for me.
14. Taking time to breathe and take care of myself.

Love comes in all shapes and actions and I'm truly grateful to have some brilliant people to love, and be loved by, in my life. Last night, snuggled under fresh sheets, I finished Dolly Alderton's brilliant book - Everything I Know About Love. It made me cry and laugh and realise how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by love. These tiny actions above show that love really does surround me.

Kate xx